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We are F+M couple and seeking a woman.So we joined up as free members in and get in contact with one of members we had to pay a joining fee. Which we gladly did and were able to respond back to her.

At least in the beginning. As the evening wore on, it was easier, and ended up being a very enjoyable experience.

My husband warmed up to it well before I did. He dove right in and began kissing, and touching our new partner. At first I sat on the sidelines watching and wondering if I had made a mistake.However, before too long, I felt myself getting more and more excited. I have to admit that I was surprised.I never in my wildest imagination thought that I would be so into this experience. The three of us all took turns pleasing one another.

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I enjoyed the experience. He also enjoyed seeing me pleasured by someone else. When we later talked about our experience, we both realized that we actually enjoyed seeing each other, being so open and so free.We fulfilled a fantasy, and the reality was even better than the fantasy. Our sex life as a couple was better than ever before. After our first three way, we were more open with one another. All of our walls seemed to come down.

After the experience, we seemed to feel closer in our marriage. We had shared something new with one another.Something that neither of us had experienced in any of our past relationships.We now felt free to let each other in on even our most secret fantasies. Ones that we had been afraid to share before.

As the relationship progresses things change and sex takes a back seat. Since our threesome, our sex life is front and center. We are back to that giggling, kissing, touching each other at every chance stage.We are also determined to keep things this way. We will not be going back to a quick hug and kiss in the morning and that is it. Being sexy, and flirtatious is now a big part of our life.

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